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fixing type of WinNet.hostent.h_addr_list

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The open array element type of 'WinNet.hostent.h_addr_list' is defined in BB1.6 as a pointer to an untagged open array of in_addr. This definition has two errors:
1. it assumes that all addresses are IPv4 addresses (in_addr), and
2. it defines an array of them of which only the first element can be used.
A proposal by Stewart Greenhill for a fix exists in CPC 1.6 rc5.
Reported by Stewart Greenhill, 1998-07-03.

Refers to CPC 1.7 rc5 change list number 67.

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Revision b3f0ad9f
Added by J. Templ about 6 years ago

fixing type of WinNet.hostent.h_addr_list.- Refs: #78.
As proposed by Stewart Greenhill in CPC 1.6 rc5 except:
- not using WinApi.PtrSTR for the element type because this is not a zero terminated string;
- using a type cast in CommTCP for explicitly expressing the specialization to in_addr.

Signed-off-by: Josef Templ <>

Revision abbfa2cd
Added by I. Denisov about 6 years ago

Merge pull request #69 from BlackBoxCenter/issue-#78

fixing type of WinNet.hostent.h_addr_list.- Refs: #78.


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