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improvements in DevLinkChk

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Target version:1.7.1
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Checking links with Info->Check Links... has several shortcomings. The following list shows some examples.
1. The parser used for extracting the commands and arguments differs from StdInterpreter (used in Dialog.Call).
2. Double quote is allowed for string parameters but is rejected by StdInterpreter.
3. Backslash is not supported for path delimiters.
4. Only the first command of a sequence of commands is checked.
It is proposed to use a parser similar to StdInterpreter for avoiding
inconsistencies and for checking all commands of a command sequence.
In addition, it is proposed to update the list of well-known 'link' commands and to add StdLinks.ShowTarget.

Reported by J. Templ, 2017-008-11.

Associated revisions

Revision 60307517
Added by J. Templ over 2 years ago

improvements in DevLinkChk. Refs: #168.
A parser similar to StdInterpreter is now used.
Multiple commands per link supported.
Well-known link commands from StdCmds updated.
Checking of StdLinks.ShowTarget added.
Backslash supported for path delimiters.

Signed-off-by: Josef Templ <>

Revision 597057e3
Added by R. Campbell over 2 years ago

Merge pull request #179 from BlackBoxCenter/issue-#168

improvements in DevLinkChk. Refs: #168.


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