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fixes for non-local drop behavior

Added by I. Denisov over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Target version:1.7
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The following fixes are required for non-local drag-and-drops, i.e. where source and destination views are different.

1. When moving the selection from a nested view to a parent view (e.g. when using nested forms), the selection is not deleted in the source view, which effectively creates a copy operation. This unintended behavior results from an inappropriate ordering of insert and delete operations in Containers.TrackToDrop where the insert is done first and as a side effect it can clear the selection used by the delete step.

2. The focus should be set to the drop target.

3. If the selection is not a singleton, all inserts should be grouped together by means of a script.

4. In case of moving within a shared domain, i.e. where the drop source and target have a common undo-stack, there should only be a single 'Moving' operation instead of two operations (Insert + Delete).

Reported by X512 on the BlackBox community forum, 2016-07-11.
Fixes proposed by X512.

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Revision d235341e
Added by J. Templ over 3 years ago

fixes for non-local drop behavior. Refs: #117.
As proposed by X512 on the BlackBox community forum

Signed-off-by: Josef Templ <>

Revision 5c305e0f
Added by I. Denisov over 3 years ago

Merge pull request #118 from BlackBoxCenter/issue-#117

fixes for non-local drop behavior. Refs: #117.


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Open encoded document.
2. drag pattern view (view with nested color rectangles) to root form.
3. You get copy of pattern view, but view should be moved (original should be deleted).

StdCoder.Decode ..,, ..sG....3Qw7uP5PRPPNR9Rbf9b8R79FTvMf1GomCrlAy2xhX,Cb2x
 --- end of encoding ---

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