Bug #113

fixes for XHTML export

Added by J. Templ over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:05/12/2016
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Target version:1.7
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1. Converting a pair of views of type StdLinks.Target ignores the closing view and thereby confuses the nesting of html elements, which leads to invalid html.
2. Many 2-byte Unicode characters are dropped during export.
3. Converting links with the command 'Dialog.OpenExternal' needs to be supported.
4. The generated html should follow the XHTML standard without any exceptions. This can be done by using CSS.
5. More character and paragraph attributes need to be supported, in particular strikeout, font-size, text-align, margin-top, margin-left, width, text-indent. This is also possible by using CSS.
6. Sequences of spaces are not converted correctly.
7. Empty paragraphs are ignored in html and need to be turned into non-empty paragraphs by inserting a non-breaking space.
8. The page title should be taken from the window title, if possible.
9. Newlines should be converted into <br/> elements instead of paragraphs.
10. Attribute values that come from the input text must be html encoded.
11. The utf-8 encoding should be specified in a <meta> element in the header section in order to be used by browsers.
12. The user's setting for the default font should be used for default font face and size.
13. Links should not form a separate paragraph but should be embedded in the surrounding text.

Associated revisions

Revision 77b3465b
Added by J. Templ over 3 years ago

fixes for XHTML export. Refs: #113.
The closing (right-hand) view of a StdLinks.Target was ignored, which lead to an incorrect nesting of elements.

Conversion of StdLinks.Link with command Dialog.OpenExternal added.

Only the 5 basic xhtml entities are mapped in XhtmlEntitySets. The extended
Ascii and Unicode characters are converted to utf-8 anyway and no characters can get lost now.

meta tag added for setting the encoding to utf-8 within the generated html document.
This setting is supported by all browsers.

utf-8 conversion delegated to module Strings.

Changes to make the output conform to the XHTML standard by Ivan Denisov.

Default font size and typeface added by Ivan Denisov.

Newlines converted into <br/> by Ivan Denisov.

Problems with empty paragraphs fixed by Ivan Denisov.

Bug with handling of multiple spaces fixed.

Support for additional character and paragraph attributes: underline, strikeout, lead, width, margins etc.

Support for links embedded within text added.

page title set to window title, if available, otherwise 'New Page'.

attribute values and page title encoded according to HTML standards.

Some code cleanups and simplifications resulting in a more readable XhtmlExporter and a more
tolerant behavior in case of nesting/pairing errors in the input text.
Some trivial ASSERTS removed. Unused variable level removed. Id renamed to Anchor.

Signed-off-by: Josef Templ <>

Revision eb6acbf1
Added by I. Denisov over 3 years ago

Merge pull request #111 from BlackBoxCenter/issue-#113

fixes for XHTML export. Refs: #113.


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