Bug #79

Updated by J. Templ almost 6 years ago

View.SetIndex needs to call 'Neutralize' in order to prevent locking some controls (in particular list boxes) in the nested form view. Reported by luowy, 2015-10-28. item of the StdTabViews'View cant be selected at sometime.

View.Neutralize needs to test example:
the embedded tool : CamProcScan.OpenProcScan (http://www.zinnamturm.eu/downloadsAC.htm#Cam)
switch the tab "Natrual Order" and "Sorted" and select it's item at eachtime.
you will find the item of the tab
view for NIL.
Refers to oberoncore B19.
cant be selected at sometime.

TrapCleaner.Cleanup needs to set t.v.tc to NIL before calling t.v.Reset in order to prevent calling PopTrapCleaner and thereby emptying the trap stack.
Refers to oberoncore B20.
bug at StdTabViews.Frame.SetIndex